Quilo™ – Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

What if you could enjoy cool air in the hot months and humidity in the cold, dry months, all from one easy to use, portable unit?

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Energy efficient, compact, quiet and powerful

QuiloTM combines three appliances into one compact, energy-saving system.

A powerful Fan that can transform into an Evaporative Cooler and Humidifier, giving you the power to recreate a natural lake breeze in the comfort of your own home.

Not only does the QuiloTM pack a punch for its size but it's ultra-portable and energy efficient. We are the first to create a dual unit of this size with this much power.

Air cooler

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Watch our short video to understand how our multifaceted QuiloTM functions.


7.4 watt
Super low power consumption

13.2 lbs
Light and portable


10 degrees
fahrenheit lower indoor temperatures

160 Sq ft
Complements your space

Naturally humidifies the air and rehydrates your skin

In the winter, QuiloTM becomes an effective humidifier for treating seasonal dry skin and allergies.


Planet Friendly

The QuiloTM does not have a compressor or refrigerant gas, and generates no nasty greenhouse gas such as CFCs.

Energy Efficient

 It also consumes a fraction of the electricity of an air conditioner.  In fact, it consumes as little electricity as a light bulb or an ipad.

                            Planet Friendly

Complements your Space

‘We asked the design agency to reflect the essence of the product - its size, silence and effectiveness in a design that stands out from the clutter.  This device was designed to look good, to add to your space’ - Naresh Kumra, CEO

QuiloTM was designed by award an winning German Agency that made you needn’t sacrifice appearance for comfort. QuiloTM’s amber light LED front control panel and soothing water level indicator with mood light provides a soothing amber glow. A full-function remote control allows you to operate it from across the room.


QuiloTM has side handles and four durable caster wheels that allow you to move the super light (13.2 lbs) Quilo ™ effortlessly from room to room. Unlike an air conditioner, the Quilo doesn’t need to be installed - just plug, add water and play. The power cord is even detachable  to provide easy storage when needed.


Universal Voltage Compatibility

Our units are completely portable and have Universal Voltage compatibility so no matter where you use your Quilo, you can assure it will run with ease.


Water Filter

The water tank is equipped with a water filter, which helps keep dust, hair and other particles from entering the water tank; and substantially enhances the lifespan of the water pump.


Activate Carbon filter

The activated carbon dust filter helps to filter out dust particles and odour causing pollutants from the air, significantly improving the air quality in your room.


The Brushless DC Motor

“Our challenge was to create a cooling device that was as compact, silent and efficient as possible without compromising on cooling effectiveness.

Our engineers developed a ground-breaking, patent-pending brushless DC motor technology (typically used in battery powered devices like laptops) for Quilo. With this break-through, we designed a fan that could minimize energy consumption while maximizing airflow. The highly controllable airflow and moisture mechanism makes Quilo™ perfect for powerful cooling in summers while conveniently converting to a humidifier in winters.

The Quilo is a Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier, ALL-IN-ONE.


QuiloTM’s quiet sleep mode and gentle water stream sounds ensure you sleep well, while staying cool

About QuiloTM

The air quality in our homes is fundamental to our family’s health.  This drives us to create innovative climate control products to enhance and protect the air in our homes.

Our mission is to design and manufacture holistic and sustainable products for your home. We are passionate about creating climate friendly products that balance high performance with energy efficiency.  

                            Air cooler

Meet the Team

Find out how we combine creativity with technical expertise to create a rewarding customer experience. Get to know us today!




Naresh has a passion for building high performance technology companies. Naresh has been Asia-Pacific president of NYSE listed Belden, worked at McKinsey in New York, has a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and an MBA from Darden Business School at University of Virginia.




As an engineer, BM's primary focus and passion is building sustainable climate friendly products, especially air coolers. He has decades of experience in manufacturing, product development and quality assurance across products such as air coolers, air conditioners, TVs, ovens, coffee machines etc.




Nishant is a husband, father of two, dog owner, serial ecommerce entrepreneur and productivity nerd. Nishant has over 10 years of experience in ecommerce and startups in UK, India and Hong Kong. Nishant's passion is helping entrepreneurs build direct to consumer relationships using ecommerce and digital marketing.




Yael has a passion for creating strong brand concepts which connect with the consumer through engaging content. She has a Degree in Brand Building and Business Management. Yael’s’ new aspiration is to ensure 7 billion people (and their beloved pets) purchase a QuiloTM.

Diana Wong

Diana Wong


Besides helping us source the best quality components at the best prices from China, and project managing production schedules, Diana is passionate about Yoga, meditation and reiki.

Janice Poon

Janice Poon


With 13+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry for a wide range of electronic gadgets and home appliances, Janice has developed an eye for innovative products and a passion to bring them to life through integrated communications. She is a proud mom, cat lover and hiking enthusiast.


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  • What is an Evaporative Air Cooler?

    An Quilo’s evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, desert cooler and wet air cooler, is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. They also happen to be an environmentally- and economically-viable cooling alternative for your home and office. As water evaporates and the fan blows the resultant air (which is now cooled down) out, a cool and light breeze is released. It’ll make you feel as though you’re sitting right beside a gushing waterfall!

  • How do air coolers work?

    As the fan draws in air from outside into Quilo’s air cooler, it comes in contact with the wet cooling pad. The air, upon mixing with this water, causes the water to evaporate and lose its heat. What you get is a much cooler and moisturized air, which is then propelled by a powerful fan, ensuring a steady flow of fresh air. The stale air is simultaneously dispelled out.

  • Why does evaporation cause lower temperature of air?

    Upon evaporation, that is when water converts into vapors, the temperature of the surrounding dry air drops sharply. Evaporation can be witnessed everywhere in the environment, be it our bodies (when we perspire), or the water cycle that precipitates rain.

  • How is an air cooler different from a standard fan?

    A regular fan merely circulates the air in a room without offering much respite from the heat. Air coolers, on the other hand, by way of evaporation, cool the incoming hot air and blow it across.

  • How is an air cooler different from a mist fan?

    Designed mainly for outdoor use, mist fans actually spray water while distributing air and thus help in keeping the area cool. These mist fans come handy when air conditioning is not an option. A good mist fan does not make the place a wet mess. The tiny water droplets that are spritzed into the air, lower the surrounding temperature and the droplets are eventually evaporated. However, having a constant water supply is a prerequisite as there’s no option for storing water.

  • How is an air cooler different from an air conditioner?

    An air conditioner works on the principle of drawing warm air in from an enclosed room, cooling it through the coils present in the indoor unit of the AC and emitting the cool air through the room, in a short span of time. Unlike air coolers, it uses refrigerants in order to bring down the temperature and it also causes the air to become dry. Quite naturally, they are expensive, energy-consuming, and bad for the environment.

  • How do Quilo's cooling pads help in cooling the air?

    Quilo air coolers use special cooling pads to cool the surrounding air. It supersedes other such pads as Quilo’s cooling pads have a greater surface area for the evaporation to take place.

  • Are Air Coolers effective in humid environments?

    Quilo air coolers perform most effectively when the relative humidity is 60% or below. Lesser the humidity, greater will be the temperature drop. Dry air is necessary for a better evaporation process. They are most useful during dry weather conditions, wherein can be used to treat dry skin. However, this doesn’t mean that they become redundant during humid conditions as they’re still the most cost-effective option, which can anyway be used during the drier hours of the day. They’re also the best in providing ventilation. Wherever feasible, they can be used in addition to the air conditioners. Switching on your air conditioner even for a short while (while keep the cooler on) will cool down the room quite fast.

  • How can I improve the performance of my air cooler?

    Ensure adequate cross ventilation
    While using air coolers, ensure that there is at least a small space for the cool air to escape from the room, otherwise the humidity might make you feel uncomfortable. You are also suggested to leave doors and windows slightly open to allow the free flow of air. An air cooler works optimally when placed near an open window so that the air can escape unhindered.

    Check the humidity of your room
    Quilo’s air coolers perform best when the relative humidity is 60% or below. Lesser the humidity, greater will be the temperature dip. Dry air is necessary for a better evaporation process. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful during humid conditions as they’re still the most cost-effective option in the market and can be used during the drier hours of the day. They can also be used in addition to the air conditioners. Switching on your air conditioner even for a short while (while keep the cooler on) will make a huge difference to the temperature of a room.

  • How do I choose the right air cooler for my space?

    Choose the right-sized cooler for your room
    Spot coolers are the smaller-sized, compact air coolers intended to cool the nearby area around the cooler. Room coolers are bulkier but their powerful airflow makes them ideal for cooling larger spaces, such as living or dining rooms. Outdoor coolers have large water tanks and an exceedingly powerful airflow. They’re also UV & weather resistant. All these factors make them the perfect choice when you need to cool outdoor areas, such as your patio or backyard.

    Find out the airflow of your air cooler
    Check for CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) or m3/hour rating of the air cooler. These indicate the amount of air passing through the air cooler per minute (or hour). The higher an air cooler's CFM rating, the wider would be the coverage area of cooling.

    Tank size
    Water tanks have no impact on the performance of air coolers. However, as it might be time-consuming to refill the tank every time it empties out, larger ones are preferred when the room to be cooled is larger in size or is located outdoors. Additionally, some room coolers and outdoor coolers have a built-in continuous-water supply connection that can be linked to your home’s water hose for easy tank refills.

  • Do Air Coolers require a lot of electricity to run?

    Quilo Air Coolers consume a fraction of the electricity used-up by air conditioners. Using air coolers is the best way to enjoy cool air without burning a hole in your pocket!