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Quilo 3in1 Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and HumidifierOne compact air cooling system for all-season comfort

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Quilo Evaporative Air Cooler

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Humidifies Winter Dryness

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Feb 23, 2018

Dehumidifiers: How many pints do I need? 

“How big is my bedroom?” Square footage, or area, is typically the only logistical factor we consider when choosing our home comfort appliances. We measure the room that we wish to cool, warm, humidify, dehumidify, and make our choices accordingly. However, when choosing a dehumidifier there is another critical variable

Feb 19, 2018

Web Roundup: Home Accessories with Global Impact

At Quilo, we love all things sustainable. And we love comfortable homes. Put the two together, and you get an awesome roundup of accessories that add delight to your home and […]

Feb 13, 2018

Three Fabulous Uses for February Snow 

While December snow is imbued with holiday magic, and January snow is apropos for winter, February snow feels dreary and endless.

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