We are a team of engineers and product designers, based across Hong Kong, China and USA, with extensive experience in the air comfort industry. For many years, we worked with global brands in designing their air comfort products but at the end of the day, we couldn’t make the stylistic or structural decisions that we knew would make a better product. There were too many bureaucratic regulations and branding guidelines that ironically didn’t benefit the consumer. So, we decided to go solo and put our talents to work in designing air comfort solutions that really worked.

Air is fundamental to our health and well-being. We are surrounded by it and are entirely dependent on it. Here at Quilo we are passionate about interacting with the air around us to create powerful yet holistic climate solutions for our homes. Our products are expertly designed to look great while providing energy-efficient performance. We aspire to make the air we breathe and the atmosphere in our homes feel just right.

Meet the Team

Naresh Kumra

Naresh has a passion for building high performance technology companies. Previously, Naresh was the Asia-Pacific president of Belden, an NYSE listed technology company and also worked for McKinsey & Company in New York. Naresh is actively engaged with several organizations in promoting entrepreneurship and improving access to quality education for all.


Nishant Kapoor

Business Director
Nishant is a husband, father of two, dog owner, serial ecommerce entrepreneur and productivity nerd. With over a decade of experience in ecommerce and startups in the UK, India and Hong Kong, Nishant thrives in helping entrepreneurs and businesses build long-term, direct-to-consumer relationships using ecommerce and digital marketing.


Yael Marcus

Brand & Marketing Manager
Hailing from South Africa and living in Hong Kong, Yael has worked alongside multinational partners in creating strong brand concepts that connect with the consumer. With a degree in brand building and business management, Yael’s new aspiration is to ensure 7 billion people (and their beloved pets) purchase a Quilo.


Carson Wong

Product Manager

If you have any technical question about our products, Carson is the one with the answers. With ten years in the field, he has developed an array of home appliances and deeply understands their functionality. An avid runner, Carson hopes to one day sprint around the globe.


Pu Yi

Director of Engineering
Pu has almost two decades of experience in managing the engineering departments of global brands, A. O. Smith and Philips. At Quilo, he is our master engineer, supervising the development and construction of our innovative products.


Janice Poon

Marketing & PR Manager
Janice has over a decade of experience in marketing a wide range of electronic gadgets and home appliances. With a keen eye for innovation, she brings unique products to life through integrated communications and public relations. Settled in Toronto, Janice is a proud mom, cat lover and hiking enthusiast.


Dena Taub

Copywriter, Content Marketing & Consumer Engagement
With a master’s degree in communication, Dena believes that communication can cure society of all its ills. Based in Pittsburgh, she oversees all these written words, digital content and consumer engagement–and when not ensuring world peace through her work for Quilo, can be found out-and-about with her four daughters.


Cori Scott

Web Design & Development
Cori is a web and graphic designer who loves to travel and takes Star Trek a little too seriously.



Diana Wong

Vendor and Factory Coordinator
Quality products require quality parts. Many, many parts. Diana is expert at sourcing top components at competitive prices. With a hands-on attitude, she is often on the factory floor managing production schedules. Diana is passionate about yoga, meditation and reiki.




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