My unit is leaking water.

One common misuse that could cause leakage is removing the water drawer while the unit is on evaporative cooling mode – or removing the drawer immediately after using evaporative cooling mode. The water circulating through the unit will immediately drop down–and out the unit, causing leakage. Wait a couple minutes after using evaporative cooling mode before opening the drawer. 

If this isn’t the case, then some debris from the Honeycomb could be causing an obstruction in the water flow – which then causes leakage. Remove the rear grill at the back of the unit (there’s a latch to help you). Inside you should see the papery honeycomb media. Carefully take it out and see if it all looks intact or if some small pieces have fallen off. Sometimes, with shipping and handling, these little bits of debris obstruct the natural water flow and cause leaking. Wipe down and clean out any debris. Put it all back with the straightest edge of the honeycomb pointing downward — and see if the leakage is fixed. 

Another possibility is simply repositioning the honeycomb. Make sure it’s centered. Flip it around. Try again. 

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