15 Feb 2018

Ezvid Wiki

“The Quilo Quiet is one of the most impressive choices in a notably energy-efficient category.”

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10 Feb 2018

Art of The Kickstart

“To hear more about the role of consumer trust in Quilo’s story, make sure to listen to this episode!”

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31 Jan 2018


Quilo Fan Review : Quilo 3in1 Portable Tower Fan

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10 Aug 2017


“The essence of the Quilo is to maintain a high standard in terms of the air quality around you, without harming the environment.”

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12 Jul 2017

Dude, I Want That!

“A little droid-looking buddy doing all the work right from your living room.”

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10 Jul 2017

The Heat Blog

“Moving to Tucson, Arizona we are definitely going to need one of these due to the hot temperatures during the evening.”

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25 Jun 2017

College Gadgets

“The idea of enjoying reviving cool air in hot climate and moistness in frigid days using a single gear is certainly momentous.”

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19 Jun 2017

The Gadget Flow

“Quilo produces a beautifully calming natural breeze.”

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13 Jun 2017

The Green Optimistic

“Our own bodies are cooled by transpiration through the same evaporative cooling effect.”

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