Control temperature and humidity. Wherever. Whenever.

Quilo Portable Air Conditioner with Fan & Dehumidifier

  • Localized cooling, fanning and dehumidifying
  • Sleek and portable
  • Installation kit included
Three air comfort appliances packed into one powerful system.
Love it or we'll take it back with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Three Options, One Home Climate Solution

All Models Cool, Fan and Dehumidify


Model QP110
Ideal for rooms up to 450 Sq.ft


Model QP112
Ideal for rooms up to 550 Sq.ft


Model QP114
Ideal for rooms up to 700 Sq.ft

Effectively cool and dehumidify the air around you.

3 Speeds
Adjustable Window Kit
Energy Saving
Automatic Louvers
LED Control Panel & Remote
Washable Dust Filter
Continuous Drain Hose
Adjustable Exhaust
Caster Wheels
Cooling a la carte

The Energy-Efficient Choice

Does one room in your house consistently trap heat? Is that den unbearably stuffy no matter the airiness of the rest of the house? If turning on central AC seems recklessly wasteful, fear not—hook up portable cooling right where you need it.
The Awkward Window Conqueror

All-Inclusive Window Installation

We've all experienced the terrible bedroom. The room with no central air and a maladjusted window. Leave the chainsaw in the toolbox. The Quilo Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with a flexible exhaust hose and a versatile window kit. Able to expand to 49.6", it can be used horizontally or vertically to adapt to many window configurations. [Please note: you may need to trim the window kit to size to fit certain window widths.]
Details, Details, Details

Feature-Filled for Custom Comfort

Convenient operation includes a digital LED display with soft-touch controls and full-function remote control.
  • Multiple fan speeds.
  • Adjustable temperature controls with clear LED display showing current settings.
  • 24-hour programmable timer.
  • Sleep mode for quieter cooling.
  • Auto-Evaporation - no bucket to empty with average humidity.
  • Automatic louvers for even air distribution.
  • Long-lasting, washable dust filter for cleaner air.
Reverse Engineering

Dehumidifier for Irritating Dampness

Dank air? Allergies? Excessive humidity could be the problem. Choose the Dehumidifier Setting to lock off the air conditioning and start extracting moisture. The unit includes a drain tube which can be connected for continuous drainage, avoiding the hassle of emptying buckets.
Weightlifting not a Prerequisite

Looks that Rock--and Designed to Roll

Sleek curves and smooth-gliding casters. You choose your room and the Quilo Portable Air Conditioner will make itself at home. No requirement to hoist ultra-heavy hunks of metal into your windows each season. Stash your unit in a closet and roll out when the heat rises.

Which Model Do I Need?

Model Cooling Capacity ASHRAE BTU* DOE BTU Dehumidifier Capacity Unit Weight Unit Dimensions(in)
QP110 450 sq. ft. 10,000 BTU 5,500 BTU 80 pints/day 65 lbs 19.4(W)x16.7(D)x31.2(H)
QP112 550 sq. ft. 12,000 BTU 6,500 BTU 86 pints/day 66 lbs 19.4(W)x16.7(D)x31.2(H)
QP114 700 sq. ft. 14,000 BTU 8,500 BTU 112 pints/day 73 lbs 19.4(W)x16.7(D)x31.2(H)

*In October 2017, the Department of Energy implemented a new test procedure which take variousfactors into account and generate a lower BTU rating of portable air conditioners to indicate capacity. However, the actual capacity has not changed - the difference is simply due to the different testprocedure. There have been no internal changes to these units, and the functionality remains the same.Please refer to room size guidelines to find the portable air conditioner that best meets your needs. Please also refer to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers