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Introducing the Quilo 2.0
The World's First Advanced 4-in-1 Smart Fan that Purifies, Humidifies and Cools

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Quilo 2.0

The 4-in-1 Air Perfection System for Your Home

Auto Sensor Technology

Quilo 2.0 is equipped with two interchangeable cartridges that instantly transform the fan from a cooler or humidifier into a true HEPA air purifier. Snap in the HEPA insert and the patent-pending auto sensor activates the air purifier.

Cooling for Summer’s Heat

On evaporative cooling mode, Quilo 2.0 reduces heat through evaporating water vapor into the air. Treated with a durable antibacterial coating, the honeycomb cooling pad repels the growth of mold and mildew.

Triple Stage Air Purification

Defend against dust, pollen and other airborne allergens with the three-stage filtration. Active carbon absorbs pollutants and odors; the ionizer traps dust; the true HEPA filter captures miniscule spores and particles.

Smart Home Connectivity

You’re downstairs and want your bedroom cool for bedtime? Quilo 2.0 is smart too! Send a command to Alexa and the unit will stir into action and activate.

Humidifier for Extra Comfort 

Dry skin? Irritated sinus? Infuse moisture into dry air. Add water to the detachable drawer, trigger the oscillating louvers, and you’re set to relax.

Lightweight & Energy-Efficient

Quilo 2.0 is powered by a quiet, direct-current motor which minimizes energy usage while maximizing airflow. Its sleek curves and smooth-gliding casters make it easy to roll right where you need it.

Proven Kickstarter Success!

Our first Kickstarter was fully funded and delivered within 4 months

Jun 2017
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Oct 2017
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Kickstarter 2017 Quick Stats

Satisfied Quilo 1.0 Backers

‘I backed this product as part of their Kickstarter, and I’ve backed hundreds of items on KS, from consoles to movies to video games to books, dice, board games, miniatures, artwork, role-playing games, air conditioner enhancers, etc. The Quilo is one of the very few KS that I am 100% satisfied with.’

– John B.

‘We fell in love at first sight when Quilo peeked out of the box. We like the size, quietness, simple handling. and the white color option. Living in California we appreciate the humidifier part and the Grand Piano likes it too. The water cooling makes all the difference in the world. It can be accelerated by adding ice. No comparison to a simple fan.’

– Madeleine T.