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What if you could fix Hay Fever, House Allergies, Summer Heat and Winter Dryness with just ONE device?

World’s First Device that Replaces Your Air Purifier, Humidifier, Fan and Cooler, and Combines them into One All-Season Unit.

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All-Season Air Climatizer for powerful air purification, humidification, cooling and ventilation.

Say Goodbye to Indoor Pollution with Powerful Three Stage Air Purification.

Purify your air from Allergens, Pollutants, Mold and Bacteria

Enjoy refreshing cool air in hot summer months

Quilo Aviance’s Energy Efficient and Planet friendly Evaporative Cooling can reduce the temperature of incoming hot dry air by up to 15°F. 

Counteract Irritating Winter Dryness and Static Air

Quilo Aviance’s Humidifier optimizes room humidity levels for you, helping relieve dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody noses and dry coughs. It’s gentle air circulation ventilates stuffy, heated rooms.

Powerful Tower Fan for Natural Air Ventilation

Quilo Avaince’s Powerful Tower Fan provides air-throw up to 18 feet at 300 CFM

Patented Tech – Unique Interchangeable Cartridges

Built with Quilo’s proprietary invention and Certified with a U.S. Innovation Patent, Quilo invented the world’s first Interchangeable Filter Cartridges for Air Purification, Cooling and Humidification.

An Unbeatable Guarantee

TRY Quilo Aviance  FOR 30 DAYS, 100% RISK-FREE

We’ve packed a lot into Quilo Aviance, and want to make sure that you can get all the benefit before you fully commit to it — We want to give you 30 days to try the product, integrate it into your life, and make sure that it is really working for you.

Save Space & Money with 4 Devices in 1

Get your Quilo Aviance Now!

It took us 3 years of hard work, but we finally achieved the high performance we wanted in a truly effective all-season appliance. Each function of the Quilo Aviance is as good, or better, than an equivalent stand-alone appliance in the market.
All our prototypes and samples have been thoroughly tested and vetted.
Now we need your help to fund the first production run of the Quilo Aviance.
Naresh Kumra
Naresh KumraCEO, Quilo

People Love Their Original Quilo

This cooler is such a great product and the customer service is excellent.  Would recommend a 100 times over. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Quilo.
– Zach

Super effective in cooling down my in a 700 square foot apartment space, easy to use and store, and most importantly, at a great price!
– Charlene


Save Space & Money with 4 Devices in 1

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