27 Apr 2018

The Good Men Project

“If you want to save money in the long term, the Quilo QE1SKS is the best investment.”

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19 Apr 2018

Gadget Review

“It’s crazy that we don’t have a humidifier, a heater and a fan all in one unit. If we did, we could use it year round.”

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03 Apr 2018

More Than Turquoise

I literally have used it every day, even before completely unpacking all of our items in our new home from our move.

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12 Mar 2018

Tanya Corinne

“It is something that has become an essential to my hair, skin, and overall health.”

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07 Mar 2018

Your Hub Denver

“There is a product for everything nowadays, but rather than buying every one of them, simplify your life and look for products that do it all.”

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01 Mar 2018

International Housewares Association

Global Innovations Award 2018

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25 Feb 2018


“Quilo uses the same amount of energy as a common light bulb – that’s ten times less than a window A/C unit!”

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15 Feb 2018

Ezvid Wiki

“The Quilo Quiet is one of the most impressive choices in a notably energy-efficient category.”

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10 Feb 2018

Art of The Kickstart

“To hear more about the role of consumer trust in Quilo’s story, make sure to listen to this episode!”

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31 Jan 2018


Quilo Fan Review : Quilo 3in1 Portable Tower Fan

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