Quilo 3in1 Evaporative Air Cooler: Quick Start Guide

The Quilo 3in1 is a fan, evaporative air cooler and humidifier. These three functions are achieved through differing combinations of fanning power and evaporative cooling. This pictorial guide will show you how to activate each function and how to get the most out of your unit.

Control Panel


Control Panel

Starting from right to left:

Power – Switches unit on and off.

Evaporative Cooling – Evaporative Cooling mode activates the evaporative cooling system. When selected, you will hear the pump circulating water through the system. Use this mode for both cooling and humidifying. For optimal cooling, fill both the water tray and ice compartment; for humidifying, fill just water tray.

Fan Speed – Toggles the Fan Speed between low, medium, high and auto. You can use this setting solo or together with the evaporative cooling mode. For fanning, use this setting solo; for cooling, select Evaporative Cooling + a high fan speed; for humidifying, select Evaporative Cooling + a low fan speed.

Timer – Programs the unit to switch off in increments of 30 minutes, up to 7.5 hours.Oscillate – Activates the fan oscillation.

Turbo – Maximizes fan power.

Sleep – Minimizes fan power.

Ice Compartment

The colder the water flowing through the unit, the colder the air fanning into your room. Pack the ice compartment with ice and this will make the water extra frigid.

Adding Ice to Ice Compartment


You can carefully swivel the louvers up and down to your desired fan direction.


Water Tray

When you use the Quilo on Evaporative Cooling mode, whether for evaporative air cooling or for humidifying, it requires water. Slide out the tray and fill with water using the Min/Max indicators to guide you. If your tray includes a filter, pour water through the filter to ensure the water in the unit will be free of residues.

Water Tray


For best routine maintenance, after each use of the Evaporative Cooling mode, switch to Fan mode for 15 minutes before switching the unit off. This will ensure the honeycomb cooling media does not accumulate bacteria which leads to mold.

Access to back filters

To prevent mineral deposits, drain and replace the water in the water tray weekly. Remove any debris from the water filter sponge, rinse and replace. Every two months or sooner (depending on your weather and water conditions), check and clean the carbon dust filter and the honeycomb cooling media. These are located behind the rear grill on the back of the unit. Remove the rear grill and the carbon dust filter will be attached to its reverse side. Carefully snap off the holding bands and rinse the filter in running water. Allow to dry before replacing. Pull out the honeycomb cooling media, slide off the honeycomb frame and rinse in running water. WARNING: Disconnect the power outlet before removing the rear grill or cleaning the unit.


If you are retiring the Quilo for a longer time period, allow it to run on Fan only mode for 1-2 hours to ensure all parts are fully dry. Drain and dry the water tray. Go through the maintenance steps for the carbon dust filter and the honeycomb cooling media. Store in a dry location, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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Check out our extensive FAQs for troubleshooting and operation info.

Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

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22 thoughts on “Quilo 3in1 Evaporative Air Cooler: Quick Start Guide
  1. KDW says:

    What is the CFM?

    1. Dena says:

      The CFM is 211. This spec, plus others are just below the masthead, on a nifty dropdown,on the product page: https://quilohome.com/products/quilo-fan-evaporative-air-cooler/

  2. Laura says:

    Are the filters and water tray removable for cleaning?

    1. Dena says:

      Hi Laura – yes, the water tray removes completely and can be rinsed down in a deep sink or with a clean rag. The tray has a small round water filter that can be removed and rinsed too. The carbon filter is attached to the back of the unit, and once again, can be detached and rinsed.

  3. Matt feit says:

    I got my Quilo last summer and it worked fine. I just broke it out and it’s turning on but not blowing any air.

    I’m not a happy camper at the moment.

    1. Dena says:

      Hi Matt,
      Please contact us!
      Send over a note to info@jmanorthamericallcj.sg-host.com

  4. Nashon A. says:

    How long does the water or ice last in the unit? Also, how easy is it to clean?

    1. Dena says:

      Water should last 6-8 hours, depending on the heat and humidity of your environment. Ice melts quickly but it keeps the water that much cooler for about 1-2 hours – once again, depending on the heat and humidity of your environment. The water drawer comes out easily and can be wiped or sprayed down to clean.

  5. CP Garrity says:

    How big of a room, ‘square footage’ wise will it ‘cool’?

    1. Dena says:

      160 sq. ft.

  6. Steve Smith says:

    I see the low watt usage us 7.4 watts. What is the maximum watt usage like in the turbo mode?

    1. Dena says:

      In turbo mode, wattage is 36 W.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Hi, I am looking for something to use at night during the summer in Colorado. I do not feel comfortable leaving a exterior door or window open while I sleep. I can leave all interior doors open to maximize air flow. Is this unit an option for me?

    1. Dena says:

      Good query! Ventilation is really to avoid a build-up of humidity in your space. Depending on how dry your air is initially (Colorado is quite dry) and the layout of your home, then this may not be a problem for you. It’s more of a relative process.

  8. Ivan says:

    Does it ship to Malaysia? Thanks

    1. Dena says:

      Hi there! At this time, we don’t ship outside the USA or Canada

  9. Ivan says:

    Hi, does the fan able to swing left and right? or up and down? or able to adjust ?

    1. Dena says:

      Hi there! The fan has an oscillation option that rotates the fan left and right. It also has adjustable louvers that you can position up or down – but these are static, they don’t continuously move.

  10. Jerry Wolfe says:

    How much does it weigh

    1. Dena says:

      Hi there! The Quilo 3in1 weighs 11.68 lbs.

  11. Jerry Wolfe says:

    What is the size of the unit. I want to order for my granddaughters dorm room ASAP

    1. Dena says:

      Hi. The Quilo 3in1 measures 9.84(W) x 12.44 (D) x 28.86 (H) in
      Here’s a link to the User Manual for more detailed information: https://quilohome.com/quilo-eac.pdf

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