5 Reasons to Use a Humidifier this Winter

When winter comes knocking at your door, sore throat and itchy skin are not the only problems you face. Winters can wreak havoc on your home too, leading to issues like static electricity, dried houseplants, and cracking wood, that can potentially rattle your comfortable lifestyle. Since your house is an extension of your personality, protecting it against the winter chills is as important as caring for your health.

1. Beat the winter chill

As it turns colder, the air density in your house lowers and dryness sets in. Running a furnace to combat the cold weather proves to be counterproductive since the high levels of water vapor force air to expand, turning your house even chillier and drier.
A winter humidifier is the answer to your problems. Cool mist humidifiers create humidity and restore the moisture content in your room through acoustic droplet vibration. Warm mist humidifiers use heating elements at the tank’s bottom to boil water and release moisture through steam. With the capacity to release as much as 2.5 gallons of water over a 650-foot area, humidifiers ensure that the wintertime humidity in your house remains at optimal levels.

2. Stave off the flu

Flu rates spike in winter because dry air makes the transmission of virus easier. Dry air is also harmful for the mucus membranes in your nose. High humidity levels of around 45% cause 80% of the viruses to die before infecting a person. Quilo’s humidifier is what you need to keep air hydration levels in your house optimal.

3. Say goodbye to allergies

Dry air triggers several allergies in the winters. To overcome this issue, use a Quilo humidifier, which prevents dirt from making way into your body. It does so through its mechanism wherein water vapor attaches to dust mites and causes them to clump together and fall to the ground.

4. Resolve your skin and sinus problems

Get rid of chapped lips and cracking skin by warding off dryness through an effective humidifier that rehydrates the air and protects your skin. Not only does skin become parched due to a lack of humidity, your throat and nasal passages also dry up, which can lead to sinus problems. When you use a Quilo humidifier, you protect both your body and house from adverse impact of the dry winter air.

5. Counter static spikes in your house

A lack of humidity also causes static electricity in your house. A humidifier lessens static shocks and protects household items from their impact. You can protect your plants, gadgets, and other items from dry air’s harmful effects in this manner. Wage an all-out battle against dryness when you buy a humidifier this winter.
The Quilo 3in1 Evaporative Air Cooler has all-season functionality, cooling summer heat and humidifying winter dryness.
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