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The word “honeycomb” conjures up an oozing, sticky, waxy, delightful creation. Those hexagonal tessellations are truly a wonder of nature. These rhythmic patterns are highly functional – which is why humankind has replicated these structures for indutrial use.  The secret arsenal inside your evaporative air cooler is the hefty, fibrous, honeycomb media. But what exactly is a honeycomb media structure? In this article, we will find out the answer in addition to why it works for an air cooler.

Structure of a Honeycomb Media Structure

Honeycomb media structures are either naturally-occurring or man-made that mimic the structure of a honeycomb. They allow for the minimal requirement of materials, which gives way for various useful qualities like minimal weight and low material costs. Interestingly, the geometry of various honeycomb structures can vary, but one feature remains uniform through all of them – they all have an array of hollow cells that are formed between thin vertical walls. These cells can either be columnar or hexagonal, depending upon the structure in question.

Honeycomb structures that are manmade, are usually made by layering a honeycomb-suitable material between two thin layers that are capable of providing strength in a state of tension.

How do these Structures Work in an Air Cooler?

A honeycomb media structure, when used in an air cooler, makes it all the more effective in cooling a room while pushing the stale air out of the room (when used with open windows). As warm air passes through the honeycomb media pads of an air cooler, it is mixed with the water that is held in these pads. This causes the water to evaporate and lose heat, which, in turn, results in a cool air that is also moisturised. The fan of the air cooler then propels this cool air into the room. This results in a constant flow of cool air into the room, which keeps it fresh while maintaining a low temperature.

Quilo offers its 3-in-1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier with special honeycomb media pads. Not only does it pack the power of three appliances into one – a humidifier, an air cooler, and a fan – it is also a cost-effective cooling solution, which does not harm the environment unlike the refrigerant gases of an air conditioner. It also features honeycomb media pads, which channel a constant flow of fresh, cool air into any room of your choice. Buy yours today and experience the difference between traditional cooling units and a honeycomb-padded air cooler.

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