Quilo 3in1 Evaporative Cooler: Cleaning and Maintenance

Quilo’s evaporative cooler can be used throughout the year and are versatile at keeping the room temperature and humidity at optimum levels while staying sleek and stylish. However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind regarding the evaporative cooler’s cleaning and maintenance, to maximize the utility of the evaporative cooler.

1. As a routine maintenance practice, after using the cooler, switch the cooler from the evaporative cooler mode to ‘fan’ mode for 15 minutes, before turning the unit off. This makes sure that the honeycomb cooling mesh does not accumulate mold and bacteria.

2. Drain and replace the water in the water compartment of the evaporative cooler weekly, to avoid mineral deposits. Make sure that the honeycomb media, the activated carbon dust filter as well as the water filter sponge are free from any debris and impurities.

3. You should rinse and replace all these parts every 2 months or sooner. These parts are accessible from the rear grill present in the back of an evaporative cooler while the carbon filter is attached to the back of the grill. Disconnect the power source before removing the rear grill. Carefully snap off the holding hands and rinse the carbon dust filter under running water. Take the honeycomb media out, slide the honeycomb frame off, and rinse it under running water. Finally, allow all these parts to dry off before replacing them.

4. To store the Quilo evaporative cooler for longer durations, allow the cooler to run on the fan mode for 1-2 hours to ensure that all its components are completely dry and dust-free. Drain the water and dry the water tray compartment before replacing everything together. You should store the unit in a dry place, ensuring that it is away from direct sunlight.

Following the necessary maintenance steps to clean an air cooler goes a long way, which not only increases the longevity of the unit but also makes it more efficient for usage.

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