Turn on the Cooling and Roll Down the Windows

I’m a customer engagement manager here at Quilo and in that capacity, I get a firsthand exposure of the Quilo 3in1 in action. Obviously, I’m most pleased when I receive gushing emails effusively thanking me for an incredible cooling experience. Thanks, Meghan! And Ron! (You know who you are…)

The Most Frequent Customer Service Question is….

More often than not, though, I’m the go-to for your pain-points—when things go wrong. At times the issues are legitimate (sickly rattling sounds emanating from the Quilo’s innards). But one common concern that often crops up is along the lines of this outraged missive: “I just read in the user’s manual that the Quilo 3-in-1 must be near an open window or door. That is preposterous! When it’s hot outside, I keep my windows tightly shut to keep the hot air out! Opening the windows is ridiculous!”

Plain and Simple: The Quilo 3in1 is Not an Air Conditioner

I hear your pain. Absolutely, opening windows is absurd if you view the Quilo evaporative air cooler as some type of mutated air conditioner. The first principle of air conditioning is to close the windows. In fact, when I drive around town on those fiercely hot summer days, and I pass by a jalopy with the windows rolled down, I can’t help but feel pity for the poor dude driving a car with broken air conditioning. This is because air conditioning thrives on absorbing hot air, condensing and draining the moisture outside (ever wondered about those puddles below AC units?) and expelling refrigerated air back into the room. If more hot air is introduced into the room, the harder the unit works, the more energy it consumes and the less efficient it is.

Why Does Evaporative Air Cooling Need Ventilation?

An evaporative air cooler is an entirely different creature. It thrives on a constant supply of dry air. This is because it converts heat energy into the chemical process of evaporation. Now, when you stand in its airflow, you feel a cool, refreshing breeze. However, if that moist air recirculates through the unit, then the cooling effect diminishes-because the Quilo is unable to evaporate water into already-humid air. This is why the user manual recommends ventilation. Dry air is an evaporative air cooler’s friend. Keep the hot, dry air flowing into your home and the moist air flowing out-and somewhere between, within the vicinity of the Quilo 3-in-1, you’ll experience cooling relief.

I hope this insight clarifies. Keep a small amount of ventilation going and keep the ice tray loaded with ice. If this all works for you, drop me a happy email and make my day.

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