Web Roundup: 7 Sustainable Projects for a Sunday Afternoon

Looking for Sunday afternoon ideas to entertain the family and save the world?! We have jotted down seven DIY sustainable projects that you can do with your family. Get ready to transform your junk into something useful and creative:

Plastic bottle planter: Have a few empty soda or juice bottles lying around? Do not throw them in the trash; instead, convert them into a planter and beautify your garden or balcony. Balcony Garden lists fifteen ways to turn soda bottles into green spaces!


Plastic bag pom-pom gift topper: We all have too many plastic shopping bags in the house. Recycle them into gift toppers. You will not have to run to the supermarket or stationary shop for gift wrap; just using your scissors and some knots, you can transform waste plastic bags into beautiful gift toppers or wraps.


Cardboard stool: Have some moving boxes in the basement and a bored teenager? Hand her a tape-measure, glue, and a box cutter–and by afternoon’s end, she’ll have a shabby chic stool for her bedroom!


Floppy disk bag: Floppy disks are history, but this upcycled bag is totally rad! Sure, you’ll need to pull out your hand-drill, but won’t the publicity be worth it?


Washing machine drum furniture: What is big, circular, embedded with holes, and casts incredible patterns on your walls? Why, your washing-machine-drum-turned-lampshade, of course! Prefer a bohemian pouf? Add wheels, a lid, and a cushion, and your retro ottoman is ready to roll. One washing machine drum, four ways. Courtesy of Design Rulz.


Juice-Carton-turned-Coin-Purse: Got some leftover tetra pak containers? Recycle them into a coin purse, wallet, or cardholder by just folding up the tetra pak and using glue to attach a Velcro. To accessorize the wallet, you can either place buttons or highlight it using glitter.


Beer Bottle Deck Chair: Party at night, hammer together a deck chair at day. Who says life can’t be fun! This project and other ingenious beer creations over at Diply

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