18 Signs Your Home Has Dry Winter Air

You’ve heard about dry air. You’ve always assumed that dry air belongs in hot deserts or in vast tundras. But did you know that cold air is drier than warm air? That means, each winter your air is drier than it was during the summer. This is because water vapor, which is suspended inside the air, is more likely to condensate and become water droplets in cooler climates, leaving your air with lower relative humidity.

Air surrounds literally everything (unless you are in outer space!) and dry air will steadily affect everything it contacts. Here’s the ultimate guide of what can happen in dry winter air.


      • Dry skin
      • Chapped hands
      • Flaky lips


      • Itchy eyes
      • Nosebleeds
      • Irritated sinuses
      • Aggravated asthma
      • Airborne, flu-related viruses
      • General dehydration


      • Static sweaters, socks and scarves
      • Clingy skirts


      • Cracked floorboards
      • Warped doorjambs
      • Air feeling cooler than its actual temperature


      • Static carpets and soft furnishings
      • Brittle books
      • Withered tropical houseplants
      • Out-of-tune piano

This winter, revive your winter air. The Quilo Refresh hydrates the dryness around you with its gentle humidifier option.

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