6 Fun Facts about Air

Working in a company dedicated to air comfort, I can’t help but be acutely aware of the air around me. This constant, invisible presence that is completely in control of my life. It feels almost like the Ancient Mariner, surrounded by water for as far as the eye could see–yet luckily in my case, the air surrounding me is not only plentiful but life-giving. Not least because I have my Quilo 3in1 by my side, gently filtering and fanning fresh air over my fingers as I type… Yes, that was a sales pitch.

In celebration of air, I present to you six fun facts about this marvelous, atmospheric gas.


Even though air has no smell or color, it actually has a weight and mass. One cubic foot of air weighs around 1.3 oz., which is equivalent to roughly a quarter cup of sugar. Life’s wearing you down? It may not be your troubles–it’s all that air!


A person breathes in 35 lbs of air per day! Compare that with the 1.5 lbs of food we consume and the 4.4 lbs of water we drink. That’s why it’s so important for the air we breathe to be free of contaminants. Did you know that all of Quilo air systems are equipped with active carbon filters that trap pollutants?


What is air made of? If you answered “Oxygen” you are absolutely right–but did you know that’s only 20% of air’s composition? Nitrogen makes up a huge 78% with a mix of other gases for the remaining 2%. So why does oxygen get all the attention? No fair! Read on…


While it is true we breathe in a cocktail of elements, only oxygen enters through our lungs, latches onto our blood cells and literally keeps us alive. If you had five acquaintances, with four being completely deadpan and the one being intensely melodramatic, wouldn’t you obsess about that relationship over the others?!


Air isn’t only a gas but it also contains minuscule particles of pollen, pollutants and dust. Talking of which, did you know that an ounce of dust contains 40,000 dust mites? Nasty, I know. Luckily – as mentioned earlier – Quilo is equipped with dust-trapping filters.


To answer the question once and for all: Are we breathing Caesar’s dying breath? Possibly–but highly unlikely.

About the Author
With a Master degree in Communication, Dena believes that communication can cure society of all its ills. Based in Pittsburgh, she oversees all these written words, digital content and consumer engagement–and when not ensuring world peace through her work for Quilo, can be found out-and-about with her four daughters.

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