Why your Dry Winter Skin Craves a Humidifier

If your skin had a voice, what would it sound like?
Would it be dry and raspy, or rich and melodious?

As summer’s lush foliage droops and withers from the trees, your skin is feeling anxious. Thoughts of harsh winter winds and moisture-sucking indoor heat make your skin fearful for its future. If your skin had a voice, here is what it’d tell you.

The skin is the largest of the body’s organs. It acts as a fabulous, all-season outerwear garment, keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer. Without skin, our innards would secrete over our living quarters and expose our bodies to harmful particles in our environments. While our skin is doing the hard work of looking after our bodies, a triple action approach can keep our skin in optimal condition. The three points-of-contact stem from underneath our skin, on top of our skin and in the skin’s environment.

You are what you eat: Replenish from within

A healthy diet translates into a healthy body. A balanced diet is beneficial to the whole body system, however certain power foods can increase the skin’s elasticity and improve blood flow and texture. This great roundup highlights avocados, nuts and seeds for their source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that nourishes your skin. The good news is, several studies  have uncovered a correlation between dark chocolate consumption and wrinkle reduction!

If you treasure it , then protect it: Lock in the moisture

The next line of defense is on the skin’s surface. Have you ever been advised to cleanse your face and immediately apply moisturizer to your wet skin? This is to seal in the hydration that your skin thirsts. The best moisturizers are those that form a long-lasting barrier while not clogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe. These natural ingredients can be found in your kitchen so while you’re prepping dinner, your skin can have a customized spa treatment. Just don’t handle hot pots with cucumber slices over your eyes…

Scan further afield: Humidify your environment

It’s a simple law of physics. The drier the air, the quicker moisture will evaporate. You have eaten your avocados topped with sunflower seeds, you’ve moisturized your skin’s surface with coconut oil, but then you spend the majority of your day inside a dry heated home.  The supple, protective layer that you soothed on has swiftly evaporated into the ether and your skin feels sensitive and dry. This is where a humidifier becomes your hero. Humidifiers infuse the air with a subtle moisture, thwarting the overly dry air from stripping your skin of valuable hydration. The Quilo 3in1 is equally effective in both summer and winter in restoring a healthy humidity to your environment.

This winter, take care of your skin because it takes care of you. It will thank you–in a fresh, silvery voice.

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