Win the Battle Against Your One, Stuffy Room

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every home has that one stuffy room. It could be the home-office, a guest bedroom, your man-cave. While the rest of the home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this room is constantly and unbearably stuffy. Let’s first diagnose possible causes for your stuffy room.
Warped ducts
An improperly-sized duct or HVAC is a common cause of temperature imbalance in rooms. During warm months, cooling systems can prematurely fail, leading to leakages. Ducts lose up to as much as 30% of airflow from leakages. Even small leaks can lead to massive temperature variance in your room.
Laws of Physics
Heat rises. In multi-level houses, since heat moves from low to high altitude, your bedroom could end up hot and stuffy, while your living room remains cool. This is especially the case with thin insulation and poorly positioned vents.

Too Few Windows
A lack of windows can cause a rise in temperature. Rooms differ in terms of size and number of windows as well as the manner in which these are sealed. This disparity can be a real hurdle for attaining an evenly balanced home.
Play to Win: Cooling your hot stuffy room

With smart vents, repaired ducts, and better insulation, you can fight overheating. Alternatively, check out the Quilo range of portable air conditioners. Hooking up a portable air conditioner in the epicenter of your stuffy woes can restore your home to an even equilibrium.

Reducing excess moisture is another powerful method to eliminating stuffiness. Quilo’s air conditioners have a 3-in-1 action, dehumidifying as well as cooling. Plug one in today and banish stuffiness for good.

Quilo Portable Air Conditioner

Cools off humid or very hot, dry enviroments. Can be moved from room to room. Also functions as a dehumidifier.
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