Make The Right Choice For Your Air Cooling System

As temperatures soar, most of us rush for our AC remotes to beat the heat. Of the many ways to cool down a space, air conditioning is one of the most popular methods. However, a more environmentally friendly option is available that serves as an effective air cooling system for home.

Air conditioners vs swamp coolers

While both appliances are designed to cool a house or office, they are quite different in their approach. Understanding the difference is important to get the most out of an air cooling system while minimizing energy wastage.

Air Conditioners: ACs intake hot air, cool it, and blow out cold air. This cooled air is circulated throughout the room and eventually finds its way back into the AC unit to be cooled again. This process repeats itself until the desired temperature is reached or the system is turned off.

Evaporative Cooler: An evaporative cooler, or a swamp cooler, makes use of water-soaked pads to cool air. Its fan pulls hot air into the unit, sends it through its pads to evaporate the liquid into gas, which then blows out cooler than it was. While ACs take moisture out of air, swamp coolers cool employ the opposite approach by adding humidity to the air they blow out. Additionally, the fan also continuously circulates air, generating a slight, cool breeze.

Why an Evaporative Swamp Cooler is the Right Choice?

In extremely dry climates, evaporative units make conditions more livable by taking dryness out of the air. This cools the air and also helps in relieving symptoms associated with itchy eyes and sore throats.

Swamp coolers are also more appealing since they are typically a cheaper option than ACs and have lower operating costs. They are easy to install and maintain as well.  They are designed for the modern house and office space, minimizing cost and electricity usage, making for the perfect air cooling system for homes and offices in the summers.

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