Top Ten Evaporative Cooling Questions You Always Wanted to Ask!

1. What is an evaporative air cooler?

Evaporative air coolers are also known as swamp coolers, desert coolers and wet air coolers. These all create cooling through evaporative technology: a powerful fan blows air through a watery pad; the air causes the water to evaporate and the resulting airflow is significantly cooler and moister. The sensation is similar to a refreshing, lakeside breeze. In the right conditions, evaporative cooling can decrease its surrounding temperatures by up to 15°F. Evaporative air coolers work best in hot regions with low humidity.

2. Are swamp coolers and evaporative air coolers the same thing?

Yes, they are! But we feel swamp coolers sound kinda marshy and muddy. Possibly an alligator or two. So we tend to stick with evaporative air coolers.

3. How is an air cooler different from a standard fan?

A standard fan simulates cooling through fanning air past your hot skin. The blowing air allows your skin to evaporate sweat faster, cooling you down. However, the temperature of the air circulating around your room remain unchanged. Evaporative cooling actually lowers the ambient air temperature. This is because of the water vapor added to the circulating air.

4. How is an air cooler different from an air conditioner?

An air conditioner uses refrigerant gases to absorb and expel heat from your home to the outside. While it is powerful, its cooling mechanism is complex, it has high energy consumption and raises the outdoor temperatures of your local ecosystem. An evaporative air cooler is energy-efficient with a straightforward apparatus and costs a fraction of the operating costs of air conditioning. Conversely, if your summers are hot and humid, air conditioners can cut the heat and extract the humidity more effectively than evaporative coolers.

5. Is evaporative air cooling right for my climate zone?

Evaporative cooling is most effective in hot regions with low humidity. Check out the map below to see the aridity vs. humidity of your region.  The Quilo 3in1 is a fan and humidifier, as well as an evaporative cooler. Once summer is over, it can humidify dry winters or simply circulate your ambient air through its powerful fan.

6. What is the honeycomb filter made of?

It’s made from cellulose fiber, which stems from plant-based materials.

7. Can I use in a room without a window?

Evaporative cooling works by drawing in hot, dry air, and fanning out cooler, somewhat moister air. After a while, though, your room will need ventilation or a cross-breeze to circulate the more humid air out the room and restart the process with dry air. It doesn’t necessarily need air from outdoors, but it does need some type of airflow to keep the cooling action moving. Check out this blog post for more on this.

8. Can I put a freezer pack inside the ice compartment?

Using a freezer pack in the ice compartment is fine, if it’s not blocking the water circulation. Really, anything that’ll keep the circulating water as cold as possible. You can even put an ice pack into the water drawer. Just make sure there’s still ample water in the drawer

9. What’s so great about an active carbon filter?

Activated carbon is awesome at absorbing odors and other harmful gases. It also filters out grit, hair and other nasty stuff so your air cooler remains unobstructed.

10. Will evaporative air cooling change my life?

That’s all relative. If you value environmentally friendly cooling alternatives and don’t live in a highly-humid region, then acquiring a swamp cooler may just profoundly shift your perspective on the meaning of life.

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