What’s with the Name “Quilo”?

“What’s with the name Quilo,” I hear you ask. Good question.

Before I answer, let’s take a stroll through Greek mythology. I know that sounds outlandish–bear with me.

The Secret Guys Behind Nature

You are in an ancient Greek orchard. You feel the warm sunlight on your cool cheeks. You hear the lilting twangs of a distant lyre. This is the work of Apollo, the primal force behind music, healing and light…

Behold–the crashing waves of the angry sea! This is the vengeance of Neptune, god of the seas. Fear not, and keep walking through this ancient world. You reach a lush valley and encounter the love of your life – and your heart swells with fondness. Venus, goddess of love, has left you her calling card.

Greco-Roman mythology placed deities onto every part of our worldly existence – from the first blossoms of spring to the most volatile emotions in the human heart.

Great primer on Greek Myth. Where does Quilo fit in?

Okay, we’re getting to Quilo… A quartet of gods controlled the four winds, each with its own temperament. The East Wind traveled with a vessel of rain, spilling it over the parched earth; while the West Wind, the gentlest of all, fanned summer breezes over the tired masses. The most powerful wind of this quartet was the mighty North Wind, Aquilo. Purple-winged and tempestuous, he swept down from the cold mountains of Thrake, chilling the air with his icy breath.

Almost two millennia later, the North Wind is still iconic as the harbinger of winter with references in music and literature. Even today, despite it being a warm day, when we feel that biting wind, we knowingly nod, recognizing that cold weather is around the corner.

Imperious Aquilo or Impressive Quilo?

While we’d love to be as all-powerful as an ancient deity, we are equally passionate about delivering solutions that work. Our vision is to bottle up all of Aquilo’s cooling power into one sweet unit. We want winter to be that much gentler and summer that tad cooler. Arguably, if we can channel air and wind to do our bidding, we may be more omnipotent than that colorful collection of primordial beings.

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