7 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Summers usually means a bad heat spell and huge electricity bills. If you are trying to cut down on your electricity costs, it would be a nice idea to look for energy saving products for your home. Energy saving devices not only help you save you big bucks on electricity bills, but they also aren’t as harmful to the environment as the traditional home appliances.

In this article, we have collected seven energy saving gadgets that you can use without compromising on their functionality:

1. Tesla Powerwall 2:

Powerwall 2 by Tesla is a battery that can be used in homes or offices. It stores the solar energy and consequently delivers clean and renewable electricity when there is no sun shining. However, don’t be mistaken by its sleek and compact size because it can easily power a two-bedroom apartment set for a whole day.

2. Quilo 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner:

If you want to cut down on electricity costs without compromising on the cooling solution that you choose this summer, then go for Quilo’s 3 in 1 Portable Air Cooler, which also humidifies dry, winter air. And with its portability, you can easily take this energy efficient device from one room to another according to your preference and convenience.

3. Ambi Climate:

Ambi Climate is a slick device, which lets you sync the air conditioning of your home with your smartphone. This lets you gain complete access to control your air conditioner and its functions from wherever you are via your Android/iOS device.

4. RoboMow Lawnmower

The Robomow Lawnmower, as its name indicates, is a smart robotic lawnmower. Designed for smaller yards, the lawnmower methodically cuts your grass.  Electric lawn mowers are better for the environment, more convenient to use, and, if you have solar panels, significantly cheaper to run than traditional gas-powered tools.

5. Valta Remote Energy Management Kit:

If you are looking at being able to identify energy wastage in your home, then you should go for Valta Remote Energy Management Kit. Once this kit is connected to your home router, it will allow you to analyse and control energy consumption in your house via your smartphone. You can do so even when you are not home or are on a vacation. With the analysis of the energy consumption, you can also figure out how to reduce energy wastage.

6. Belkin Conserve Switch:

Manage all your computer peripherals including your monitor, printer, external hard drives, speakers and more with the Belkin Conserve Switch. This device will help you reduce your electricity bills by controlling power to your whole computer system with a single click. It comes with a wireless remote switch for added convenience.

7. Lutron Maestro Room Occupancy Sensors:

These smart sensors turn the lights on in a room when you enter and keep them switched on while the room is occupied. The second you leave the room, they turn off the lights. These are available in passive infrared mode and dual-technology sensing models, depending upon major and minor ranges of motion.

So, start using these energy efficient products to save money and protect the environment.

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