What’s New in the Quilo Refresh? 

Sleek in silver and white, the all new Quilo Refresh is designed for relaxation—and hits all the checkmarks. Kick off your shoes, plant yourself on your couch, aim your remote at the Refresh—and feel the cool breeze washing away the stresses of the day! Here’s how it works. 

Evaporative air cooling, or swamp cooling – as it’s also known – fans air through a stream of water. The outcome is a refreshing breeze that is cooler than a traditional fan. This is because heat energy is converted into evaporation, resulting in a cooler air temperature. No – it’s not a wizard air conditioner – engineers and scientists are still working on radical ways to create icy cooling without excessive energy consumption. But evaporative air cooling does have a significant cooling action using a fraction of energy. The Quilo Refresh is equipped with a top loading ice compartment. Pack it with ice from your freezer, and the wind-action will gain an added punch.  

One concern our customers have had with evaporative air cooling is maintaining a hygienic machine. Water is the giver of life – but not all life forms are appreciated by us humans! Sometimes, sitting water, or soggy honeycomb pads can engender the growth of mildew. While we recommend best practices of wiping down the water drawer once a week to avoid nasty buildups, and running the unit on fan-only for ten minutes to dry out the honeycomb pad, we figured that we could still do more. This is why the Quilo Refresh comes equipped with an antibacterial honeycomb pad, treated to repel the growth of mold or mildew. Hearsay has it that purer water leads to fresher air.  

Shifting our focus back to the couch… You feel drowsy, so you switch the Quilo Refresh to sleep mode. Good move. Sleep mode sets the fan speed to low, dims lights and mutes alarms, giving you a disturbance-free rest. Don’t forget to mute your phone too. Those office emails can wait. 

Want more simplicity? The Quilo Refresh’s smart microchip has a memory function recording your last-used setting. You like a low fan speed with a gentle humidity? Turn off the unit, switch it back on, and that’s how it’ll be. No – it won’t eavesdrop on your conversations or beat you to a game of chess. It’s a fan, after all. But we hope it’ll give your life a little more “Ahh!”  

Check out the Quilo Refresh 3in1 Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier and let us know what you think.  

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With a Master degree in Communication, Dena believes that communication can cure society of all its ills. Based in Pittsburgh, she oversees all these written words, digital content and consumer engagement–and when not ensuring world peace through her work for Quilo, can be found out-and-about with her four daughters.

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